Holiday Apartments London

If you are looking to take a holiday in London and are looking for a place to stay, then a holiday apartment may be an option for you to consider.

Holiday apartments in London can be found across the borough in locations ranging from Westminster to Notting Hill to Mayfair to name just a few.

A holiday apartment will prove your best choice when it comes to staying in London for numerous reasons including:


Using a holiday apartment means you can have a more private experience overall, and you can stay away from the usual hustle and bustle and painful lack of privacy that a hotel offers.  You won’t have to contend with people running down corridors disturbing you, and you won’t have to listen to other people’s conversations from next door, so you can kick back and relax properly just as you should do when on holiday.

Home Sweet Home

London is a big place, full of hustle and bustle.  Whilst it is nice to change scenery from your home, it can be exhausting walking around and just generally being in London, so many people love using London holiday apartments because they give them the same feeling they would have if they were still at home, due to the extra space, comfort and amenities they provide.  No hotel-style rules are to be found in a holiday apartment in London!  No set meal times, no itineraries, no nothing – it’s totally up to you what you do, how you do it, and when you do it.  Holiday apartments will leave you free to relax and enjoy your stay.
On top of this, choosing a holiday apartment over a hotel for your stays in London means that instead of having one room, you have multiple separate rooms e.g. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living area, etc.  This gives you the space you require to have a comfortable experience.

Pet Friendly

This one doesn’t apply to all, but for those of you who have a pet (or two, or three…..), you would usually face the dilemma of having to leave them behind to stay at a hotel  or just not going so that you can stay with them.   Using a London holiday apartment frees you of having to make that choice as they are pet friendly, so you have no reason to not go away now.


You may think that because of the luxury a holiday apartment gives, and because it is based in such an expensive area (London), you may not want to use them because it will cost you way too much.  Wrong.  A holiday apartment in London is cost-effective and cheaper than a hotel of the same standard, hence why they are becoming more and more popular with tourists looking for their holiday base.