Serviced Apartments in London

If you are looking for a short – term rental property in London, take a look at the multitude of serviced apartments that are available across the borough, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

A serviced apartment comes completely furnished and they are inclusive of your usual utility bill costs and they also come with services you would normally associate with a hotel such as having a reception, a maid service, 24 hour customer service and more.

Having a serviced apartment in London will prove a big benefit to you as they are more than just a standard hotel style room.  Serviced apartments offer separate areas for you including dining area, cooking area, living area, and the sleeping area which means that you have more space to live and work, as well as being more comfortable in your surroundings.

There are a number of other benefits of having a serviced apartment in London, including:


Having a serviced apartment means you can choose when to do things, such as eat or hold business meetings.  Hotels cannot provide you with this, so using a serviced apartment is your answer.  You can do what you choose when you choose, and having the extra space gives you the opportunity to do this.  Some serviced apartments in the London area also offer a sofa bed, meaning you can often have a guest stay over with you too.


If you have ever been in a hotel room, you will know that they are not the most private places in the world and that you can usually hear the rooms either side of you having conversations, or have people running up and down the corridors making noise.  London serviced apartments are more spacious than a hotel room which means that you have a greater level of privacy through not being so close to other rooms, and also it gives you a bigger space to use so if you are with your family or having a business meeting people who are in the property can sit in different areas and maintain their individual privacy when they choose to.


Renting a serviced apartment in London can prove very cost effective when comparing it with a hotel room that you look at for the same period of time.  Serviced apartments can be approximately 20%-30% cheaper than hotel rooms, and even more so if you stay for a longer period of time (usually over 28 days).  This benefit means you can stay in the same area you chose, but save yourself money.  Not only that but you will be paying less for a more complete package when you consider the services you usually get included as discussed above.

With the modern world as it is today, with (nearly) everybody using some sort of technology, Wi-Fi also comes into play.  Most hotels charge a premium for connecting to their Wi-Fi network, but serviced apartments in London come with Wi-Fi for free, again making things more convenient and less costly for you.

Serviced apartments across London come in different shapes and sizes.  You will find that the most common terminology used for the different sizes are: Economy, Midrange, and Luxury.  With the differing levels come different amounts of space and differing numbers of rooms.

Economy serviced apartments are the smallest in size, yet still spacious and comfortable.

Midrange serviced apartments are larger in size than economy apartments, but not as large as the Luxury serviced apartments.

Luxury serviced apartments are the largest and most spacious apartments available, and can be found across most locations throughout London.  They may be more expensive than the other two categories of serviced apartments, but they will still be more luxurious and cheaper than a hotel room of the same standard, so you really have nothing to lose.

When it comes to serviced apartments in London, you will be spoilt for choice due to the many locations they are spread out over, and you will find yourself debating over which one to choose as there will be so many you want to use.  Having one of these apartments situated in London leaves you situated in the capital city of England, where history meets modern day.  There are transport links within easy reach of you in all destinations meaning that you are never far away from the action, no matter where you base yourself.  At the end of your day, whether business or pleasure, you can then retreat to your serviced apartment in the knowledge that you are stepping into luxury and comfort, regardless of the type of apartment you choose, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you can relax without hearing the conversations of other residents.

Whether you have ever been to London or not, it is the place to be and there is no better way to see the City than by basing yourself in a London Serviced Apartment where you can feel like you are back at home in the comfort of your normal surroundings.

For more information on serviced apartments within the City of London, you can visit numerous websites that will educate you further on the features and added benefits of utilizing one over staying in a hotel, and also check out the reviews of other clients who have stayed in them in the past.  I’m sure you will see that a serviced apartment in London is the answer to all of your needs, whether you intend to use it for a personal / family vacation, or even if you wish to use them for business purposes.

People work better when they are comfortable, so let a serviced London apartment help you today.