Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are becoming more and more popular in today’s modern world.  Even more so in London, where space = money and things are more expensive than other areas of the country.

Having a studio flat in London could be the answer to your problems, you will be able to live in a vibrant, multicultural society in the capital city of the United Kingdom at a reasonable price.

Why would you want to live in a studio flat?  Let’s explore the benefits:

Saving you money

Studio apartments are usually amongst the most affordable type of accommodation you can find, saving you a decent amount of money per stay period. in comparison to a 1-bed apartment.  Having a studio apartment in London is ideal as things can be more expensive here, so any money you save can go towards these increased costs.

Everything is in one place

Because of the space afforded to you in a studio apartment, you won’t have to walk around to get to things or find things.  The studio apartments are designed so that everything is in one place, making life easier and ensuring things are easily accessible to you.

Cleaning time decreases……dramatically!

Having a smaller space to live in will naturally reduce the time it takes for you to clean the place.  London is a very busy, social place to be.  This means that having a studio flat in London is the ideal scenario, giving you more time to be you, and less time being a cleaner.  Exactly what you need if visiting or on a business vacation.

Great excuse to get out and about…

Having a London studio flat is a great excuse to get out and explore the vast capital city!  The minimal space you have means that you always have somewhere to go back to at the end of the day / night and rest in, and will encourage you to go and explore outside when you have the chance as you wouldn’t want to be in a confined space all day every day, especially if visiting.

Overall, a studio flat may prove to be the best choice for you if you are on a limited budget but want to be in the heart of the action.  If you are visiting London then chances are that you will want to explore anyway and minimise the amount of time you spend ‘indoors’ in your residence, so by renting a smaller space to reside in, you are saving yourself more money to spend on your visits to to local areas.

Studio flats can be found all over the London borough and have a price range to suit a number of budgets, so please feel free to enquire further or search online to find out further about why you should book a London studio flat.